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In 2000, the Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights reported that:

“Qualified Sign Language interpreters are only the auxiliary aid that can ensure effective communication between hearing impaired persons whose primary or exclusive language is Sign Language and hearing persons who have limited or no Sign Language skills, particularly in emergency and other health care situations where the rapid exchange of accurate information is decisive. The use of qualified Sign Language interpreters ensures that deaf individuals and hearing health care professionals will be able to communicate with each other at a rate and level of complexity equal to, or as effective as, the communication rate of persons who speak directly to each other in the same language.”  
How Deafecc booklet works?

The D.E.A.Fbooklet was designed to help deaf or hard of hearing patients interact with medical staff during emergency situations. It is made up of American Sign Language words and illustrations which are simplistic and easily comprehensible to anyone who signs. The booklet does not take place of an interpreter but rather helps with communication before one is available. During an emergency situation the medical staff will present the deaf or hard of hearing person with the booklet. Then the medical staff will start his/her assessment on the patient. Afterwards the patient and medical staff will then communicate with each other by using the vocabulary giving in the booklet. It is the vocabulary in the booklet helps communicate the patients’ injuries, needs and concerns to the medical staff. D.E.A.F. booklet  is quicker than writing notes and finger spelling, which redirects critical time to assessment and treatment. Hard of Hearing patients that do not know ASL can still benefit from the booklet by using the emergency words given.

How will D.E.A.F. benefit patients and medical staff?

It will help the deaf community get proper treatment.
The booklet will help patients feel calm and comfortable during an emergency situation by communicating with medical staff.
Medical staff will be able to diagnose the patients' problem quickly and efficiently by communicating through the booklet with the patient.

  • Will help medical staff quickly access the deaf or hard of hearing patients’ problems by using the vocabulary as well as the ASL illustrations.
  • Patients can feel more informative and less confused until an interpreter can arrive. They can be helped as much as possible in the meantime.
  • Patients seeking emergency medical assistance can feel more calm knowing that they can use the booklet to communicate their problems and needs to the staff before the arrival of an interpreter.
  • Can benefit different nationalities who are deaf or hard of hearing because they too can use the booklet as a way of communicating with medical staff.
  • The booklet can be used by patients that are unfamiliar with ASL but know how to read.

Many lawsuits throughtout the US.

D.E.A.F booklet

What does D.E.A.F. stand for?
Deaf Emergency Awareness Form.
Our company name is Deafecc which stands for Deaf Emergency Awareness Form-Emergency Care Cards.
How is it used?
It is used in an emergency situation where the deaf/hard of hearing (HOH) person needs assistance before an interpreter arrives.
How to use the booklet?
Point to the picture of the word or phrase you would like to say or use on the fingerspelling page.
Does this booklet take place of an interpreter?
No it does not take place of an interpreter. This booklet is a stop-gap to facilitate communication until a qualified interpreter is available.
Who can use this booklet?
Any person who renders help to a deaf person or Hard of hearing person whose primary mode of communication is American Sign Language (ASL).
Can these booklets be used in other areas of care facilities?
Yes. We have what you refer to as a generic booklet that can have specialty sign added to them based on the unit in the facility, i.e. Obstetrics, Psychiatry, etc. Also, we are working on a 911/EMS version.
Do you sell single books?
Absolutely, call for more information.
                                                      Patty Tadak                                                                                                                                                       Pamela Rohring



June 2017
Welcome Boynton Beach Florida, Police Dept...

May 2017,
We are happy to announce the release of the POLICE and EMS version..

Febuary 2017,
Hello all,
we are ever so close to launching the new versions.  

We are looking to launch our Police and First Respnders Booklets!

Happy New Year!

This up and coming months in 2016,
We are designing a POLICE and First Responder Version.

June 11, 2016
Announcement DEAFECC will recieve the 2016 Recognition award given by the "Tesla Science Foundation" and The "Inventors roadshow" at Independence Hall.

May 20, 2016   
Welcome Dave Whalen, Director of Niagara University First Responders Disability Awareness Training. 

May 16th
DEAFECC was featured on the front page of the Daily News

April 15, 2016
Deafecc was the recipient of the 2016 DAS Business Partner of the Year Award. New York

March 4th, 2016
We are going to launch a Indiegogo page and you could WIN a trip for 2 to JAMAICA  for your donation. Check back for dates.....

March 3rd 2016.
Thank you to STIR Publising for posting our interview

Feb 13, 2016
A HUGE thank you to Seth from iDEAFNEWS for covering the commercial that DEAFECC was in. Over 200,000 views to date.

Feb 12, 2016
Our Intervew with Seth gerlis from iDEAFNEWS went live.

Jan 26th 2016
DEAFECC was used in a commercial for the Deaf Booklet at ECMC in Buffalo, NY Where the tool is now being used, Thank you ECMC!

We here at DEAFECC are working on some exciting things for the near future...

Thank you for 600 visitors.

We are now a vendor in a major Trauma hospital in New York...Congrats team!

June 11th 2015
Our Project DEAF, was Launched  at one of the BIGGEST Trauma centers in Buffalo, New York. Thank you ECMC!

We all would like to say "Thank You" to Mrs. Carol Gallo, from Philadelphia, studying her DNP at Sacred Heart university!!

We here at DEAFECC also wants to mention Sharon Hanson, President of "DAS" Deaf Access Service, out of Buffalo area, for her service and kindness.....

Another Special "Thank You" to Pamela Rohring (Buffalo) Terrific Job well done, from all of us at DEAFECC.

DEAFECC, would like to say a special "THANK YOU" to Patty Griffin Tadak for her hard work and dedication.

2016 TESLA Award

DAS Award

2016 Gala awards

Phila Daily News

           Our team giving a presentation for an                             Presentation in NY
                             audience in New York. 
                             Sharon at a lecture                                   Inservice at a hospital in Buffalo, NY

  Sharon giving a lecture on the DEAF booklet in New York.